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How I Got Out Of Debt: Follow The Posts

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Here is a list of the important posts along my journey towards debt freedom. Hopefully reading these posts you will be inspired to get out of debt in 2007! (Start at the top of this list and go down to follow my journey in chronological order.)

April 2005

My First Post
My First Debt Summary
My First Set of Goals
My First Set-Back

May 2005

My First Update
Updated Progress
More Updated Progess

June 2005

Using Our Emergency Fund

July 2005

Automobile Debt Milestone
Realizing The $100 a Day Truth
Why I Do This
My Son Gets Sick
I Turn To eBay
Another Update

August 2005

First Automobile Paid Off
Second Automobile Paid Off

September 2005

Another Update
I Hosted The Second Carnival Of Debt Reduction
Update (Sitting At $3900)

October 2005

Seventy Percent Of Debt Gone
Problems With Credit Card Transfer

November 2005

$2990 Left
$2660 Left
My Favorite Free Things

December 2005

85% Paid Off
$1000 Left!
I Get a Raise
7% Left

January 2006

I Start My Podcast
A Upromise “Secret”

February 2006

I Am Debt Free!

It’s strange to go back and read this post. I noticed a few things. First, My updates were somewhat sporadic. Second, I used to get more comments. Third, this has been a pretty awesome ride.

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17 thoughts on “How I Got Out Of Debt: Follow The Posts

  1. Hello sir, i am writting to the group because me and my family need help. We are up to debt to our ears and we don’t know how to get out. We have read many of the blogs on this subject. While all of them are good they do not address our problem. We have no extra money. We would love to do some of the things that was subjusted. But we have no “extra” money. All our money goes toward the bills. And we are drowning. We need help. So we are tring something different. Please help. You guys are our last hope.

    Sign Dollar Jingle

  2. Dollar Jingle I feel your pain. I am trying to keep the gas and lights on and food on the table. I put just enough on the on the bills to keep them on. It’s hard trying to keep gas in the car to get back and forth to work.

  3. Cool. Nice piece of advice. Thanks a lot for the article.

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