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On The Road Again…

Well, I was able to put just a tiny bit towards our debt this week. I scratched and clawed and found 100 bucks more. This makes my totals look like this:

Account 04/16/05 Paid So Far 09/23/05
Auto 1 2656.33 2656.33 00.00
Auto 2 3255.23 3255.23 00.00
C Card 5598.66 222.14 5376.52
Totals 11510.22 6133.70 5376.52

So, I now owe 5376.52, down from 11510.22 in April. YaY! BUT, I really, really doubt I will make my original goal of being debt free by 10/10/2005. UNLESS, and here is a bit of good fortune: The folks at the place I work are doing a “gift card” shower for my wife and me, and we just might come into a really nice amount of free “money” to spend at places like Kroger and Target, etc. I am totally and completely flattered that so many folks care about us and the work we do! Any amount will be appreciated, and a large amount just might put us over the top! We shall see.

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