Our Life These Days

I was so blessed by the response to my last post. It looks like the old email system for sending out updates is still working, but I gather that I will need to migrate to a new system, sooner rather than later. It was so cool to hear from some of you in both the comments and via twitter. You all rock.

I thought you might be interested in a brief life-update. Our oldest daughter will graduate from college this year. Our son graduated from high school a few days ago, and will enter college as a sophomore this fall. Our youngest daughter begins her high school journey in August. Our two oldest kids aren’t really kids anymore! We are truly blessed, and it has been a joy to watch them grow up and become awesome adults. We are looking forward to the summertime.

My wife and I continue to enjoy our careers. We are working to pay off our mortgage and save for retirement. These efforts slowed, just a bit, as expenses increased over the past few years. We still use pretty basic systems to manage our finances, but we have made a few changes over the past few years. Perhaps I’ll explore those changes – and the things which haven’t changed – here on the blog.

Thank you, again, for the kind responses to my previous post. I have a few ideas for future posts, and it’s exciting to once again be writing. Have a blessed week – and rock on!