Results From Our Yard Sale

We had our yard sale – and it was a success!

Our primary goal for the yard sale was to remove unwanted items from our home – to reduce clutter and free up valuable space.

Our secondary goal was to make a little money – for clothes for the new school year and a quick trip for Mrs. NCN and myself.

I am happy to report, we managed to net just over $500 from our yard sale!

We started the sale bright and early, around 7:30am, and quickly began to sell nicer items – kids’ clothing, toys, some tools.  I’m pretty sure the first customers were re-sellers – They knew exactly what they were looking for, they were quick to scan the entire sale, and they were in-and-out in a flash.

After a quick start, as steady stream of bargain-hunters made there way through our items.  We had priced our items to sell – and with 20/20 hindsight – we probably could have made an extra $100 or so – had we been more diligent about sticking to our original prices and avoiding the early-morning haggling.

After about two hours, the traffic began to thin out – and we noticed that some of the early-morning customers were coming back, to check to see if we had lowered our prices.  Lucky for them – and mainly because the rain began to fall – we had!  Much of our remaining “inventory” was purchased, and we only had to haul off a few, unwanted items.

I learned a few lessons from our yard sale –

People like to negotiate.

People like to shop early.

Clothing will sell best when on a hanger and hung on a rod or rack.

Folded clothing on a table will just sit there.

All in all, we had a great experience with our little yard sale.  The kids had fun helping with change – and I was happy to see our items go to new homes.  It’s also nice to have more room in our closets and cabinets!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a blessed day!