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My Inexpensive Golf Clubs And Equipment

inexpensive clob and ball

I really enjoy playing golf. It’s a great way to challenge myself and to get some exercise. Once or twice a week, I’ll arrive early at our local course, and walk 9 holes. My game is slowly improving. According the golf app on my phone, my current handicap is a 9 and I have an average score of 82.5 per 18 holes. Not bad!

I also enjoy saving money – so I have put together a budget-friendly, relatively inexpensive set of golf clubs, along with some inexpensive golf equipment. These items may not win any fashion contests, but they’ll get you on the course, hitting the ball, and having fun!

IRONS – I found these LAZRUS irons a few years ago, when looking for a backup set. I liked them so much, I put them in my bag, and shot my lowest score, ever. These are simple to swing, game-improvement irons. I bought the 4-Iron through Pitching Wedge set, but individual irons are available. The shafts feature a regular flex and a standard rubber grip. I’m very impressed by these clubs, especially when I consider their cost, which is usually less than $300.

WEDGES – Again, I turn to this unique brand for my LAZRUS wedges. For less than the cost of one wedge from a major company, I managed to pick up a set of three wedges. The wedges come in three colors – black, silver, and rainbow. I prefer the silver, but a friend of mine loves his set of black wedges, in lofts 52, 56, and 60.

DRIVER – I play a used Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 Driver. I purchased it off of eBay and I really like it. I paid less than $125, shipped, a couple of years ago. I have hit some of the newer drivers, but could not justify their cost, when compared to my limited distance gains.

PUTTER – I rarely change my putter. When I do – I hang on to the new putter for a long time. My previous putter lasted me over ten years. I finally upgraded a few months ago, and I’m happy I did. I really enjoy putting with my new Cleveland HB Soft Premier #11. The HB stands for Huntington Beach. I spent a decent amount on a decent putter – and I plan to use it for the next decade or longer. As of the date of publishing, this putter is available for less than $160.

GOLF BALLS – I usually receive a box of PRO V1 golf balls for Christmas. I save these for golf scrambles and team events. For my day-to-day golfing, I really like the Maxfli StraightFli and Maxfli SoftFli golf balls. These are a great deal at full price – and can often be found for less than $25 per dozen.

GOLF GLOVE – I have tried many brands of golf gloves, but I always return to the basic FootJoy WeatherSof. Currently, you can buy a 2-pack for less than $20.

GOLF BAG – I have two bags – my main cart-bag which I purchased several years ago from Dick’s Sporting Goods – and an old Titleist bag with a kickstand, for walking a few holes and having fun. Hit this link to view Golf Club Bags over at Amazon. I like to have a lightweight bag for walking – and a more substantial bag for riding.

GOLF SHOES – These might just be my most important pieces of equipment – my super comfortable, very stable – NEW BALANCE MINIMUS SL SPIKELESS shoe. The shoe is comfortable, water-resistant, and it provides stability and traction. I use them when playing on spongy grass or hard-pan.

GOLF PUSH CART – This is a new addition to my equipment – and I love it! The Tangkula Golf Push Cart comes in multiple colors. It has a foot-brake, umbrella-holder, and a removable seat! When I purchased it, I was happy to pay $170 – but it’s on sale today for less than $140. The cart is stable and provides a smooth trip around the course. It’s adjustable straps allow for pushing a variety of differently sized golf bags.

If you are looking to play golf – and save some money – perhaps these or similar golf items will suit your needs. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a commission. Thanks so much for your support. I hope you’ll have a great time the next time you tee it up. Boom!

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