I Have Missed You

What’s up, my friends!?! I hope that you all are doing well. It’s hard to believe, but what was supposed to be a break of a few months – turned into a five year absence. I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve sat down to type and update the blog – but I just never hit the publish-button. But, finally, today, the blog returns!

Actually, this is a bit of a test-post, to see if the old site still works. I’ve missed writing, but I was never one who really understood the back-end of the blog, with its databases and plug-ins. I’m pretty sure that the mailing list I depended on to distribute new content is gone, but I have some hopes that it might still work. I guess we’ll all find out together.

I’m really undecided about what I want to do with the site – but I know I want to do something. We are in very interesting circumstances, and I’m not sure I can remember a time when personal finance mattered more thank it does, right now. I have developed, over the past fifteen years, some very basic money management skills, which I think have benefited both me and my family. I plan to share more about those skills – along with general posts about my life, what I’m up to, how my family is doing, and what are goals are – now – nearly 17 YEARS after I started No Credit Needed.

So, thanks for checking back in, even after all these years of silence. I’ve kept up with many of my old blogging friends via twitter – and that’s probably the best place to connect with me these days. I’m not even sure if the comments-section even works on this site anymore?!? It looks like we’ll be baby-stepping our way back into blogging and writing and managing the site. Please, check in often for updates – and stop by over at twitter.com/NCN and say hello.

After many years of silence, the old NCN site is back. I have much that I want to write about, and I hope you’ll be patient as I re-learn the steps for creating and publishing content. The next real post will hit the site Monday morning, but I may run a few test-posts between now and then. So, stay tuned, and rock on!

8 thoughts on “I Have Missed You

  1. That email notification made me smile this morning. I discovered your blog when I was digging my way out of the hole I found myself in after becoming a single parent. I’m in a much better place and excited for updates and current happenings.

  2. Yep, Feedburner still works, but last year Google officially discontinued it. I guess it just works until the pull the plug on the wrong server or something.

    It’s good to have you back. I’m still blogging away 16 years later

  3. Holy wow!!

    I remember stumbling across your blow circa 2008 when I was just getting mine out the door…

    Welcome back! Everything’s changed and nothing’s changed here 🙂

  4. Hey, welcome back! Nice to hear that folks still got their email via Feedburner – I haven’t set up anything new yet *facepalm*

    But I just published my first post in two years this week, so you’re in good company! It’s the comeback time, I guess!

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