Results From Our Yard Sale

We had our yard sale – and it was a success! Our primary goal for the yard sale was to remove unwanted items from our home – to reduce clutter and free up valuable space. Our secondary goal was to make a little money – for clothes for the new school year and a quick trip for Mrs. NCN and myself. I am happy to report, we managed to net just over $500 from our yard sale! We started the sale bright and early, around 7:30am, and quickly began to sell nicer items – kids’ clothing, toys, some tools.  I’m pretty sure the first customers were re-sellers – They knew exactly what they were looking for, they were quick to…

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Debt Reduction

Pay Down Credit Card Debt

I started No Credit Needed as a place to track our progress while getting out of debt.  Here’s what we did to pay off our credit card debt, step-by-step: We created a zero-based budget. We established a savings account for our $1000 emergency fund.  While getting out of debt, we had two mini-emergencies and were very thankful for our emergency fund. We listed our debts, smallest balance to highest balance. We chose this classic snowball-method, because it suited us.  We liked the victories associated with paying off those smaller balances, quickly. We made minimum payments to all of our accounts, on time. We made an extra, principal-only payment to the first account on our list. Throughout the month, as we…

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Basics, Tips

How To Quickly Sort And Organize A Room

As i mentioned yesterday, we are getting ready for a multi-family yard sale.  I thought folks might like a little more information about how we sort through our stuff and organize a room.  Our goal is to have a functional, comfortable space. Let’s start with the kitchen – home of the dreaded junk-drawer. In our kitchen, we have seven drawers – a drawer for silverware, a drawer for sharp knives, a drawer for various utensils (spatulas, tongs), a drawer for kitchen towels and wash cloths, a drawer for electronics (chargers, charging cords), a drawer for home office supplies (pens, pencils), and a drawer for bills and paperwork. Our process is pretty straightforward.  The contents from a drawer is removed and…

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