Results From Our Yard Sale

We had our yard sale – and it was a success! Our primary goal for the yard sale was to remove unwanted items from our home – to reduce clutter and free up valuable space. Our secondary goal was to make a little money – for clothes for the new school year and a quick trip for Mrs. NCN and…

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Debt Reduction

Pay Down Credit Card Debt

I started No Credit Needed as a place to track our progress while getting out of debt.  Here’s what we did to pay off our credit card debt, step-by-step: We created a zero-based budget. We established a savings account for our $1000 emergency fund.  While getting out of debt, we had two mini-emergencies and were very thankful for our emergency…

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Basics, Tips

How To Quickly Sort And Organize A Room

As i mentioned yesterday, we are getting ready for a multi-family yard sale.  I thought folks might like a little more information about how we sort through our stuff and organize a room.  Our goal is to have a functional, comfortable space. Let’s start with the kitchen – home of the dreaded junk-drawer. In our kitchen, we have seven drawers…

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