Random Thoughts

You Wash ‘Em, Then!

Well, most folks list the things that they have done to save money. Here are some things that I have not done, but could do, but will not do, because I don’t want to.

1. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable. I am sorry, but that’s just gross.
2. No more satellite t.v. Come on, I gots to have my NFL, ESPN, and Comedy Central.
3. No more eating out. I like to eat out.
4. Turn down the hot water heater. Sorry folks, I loves me some hot, hot, hot showers.
5. Turn up the air conditioner. Dude, I am “chunky”. “Chunky” folks need the A.C. End of story.
6. Cut my own hair. Ummm..Listen, I am 30 years old, and I still have my own hair, and it looks like I am going to have most of it for a long time. The least I can do is take it out for a nice trim now and then.
7. Grow my own food. I struggle to keep a house-plant alive. I will not stake my nutritional future on my ability to learn to grow, harvest, and store my own produce.
8. Use generic baby formula for our child. I know it’s the same, blah, blah, blah. The doc says Isomil Similac Advance. The baby gets Isomil Similac Advance. Period.
9. Use home-made cleaners. Dude, how OFTEN are you cleaning your stuff that you need gallons of cleaner?
10. Wear “second-hand” clothes. Listen, I might borrow a shirt from a relative or a friend, but I, like, KNOW these people. I realize that their are some folks who HAVE to wear second-hand stuff, and God bless them. But, as long as I am able, my kids and I will wear new. It might come from Target or K-Mart, but it will be new.

Now, if you have been able to do some of the above things, then you are awesome! I wish that I had your ability to adapt and change. Perhaps, someday, I will learn to do without some of these things.

But, I really, really doubt it.

Quick note, it looks like the folks over at All Things Financial are in the path of Rita. My prayers go out to them!