Why? Why, Why, Why?

Why? Why is my philosophy: No Credit Needed. Well, I’ll tell ya!

  1. I want to possess things, not be possessed by things.
  2. I want to be free from the burden of owing money.
  3. I want to pass “wealth” down to my children, not “debt”.
  4. I want to be that one person in a thousand who pays for everything they have, up front, without the hassle, bother, and potential disaster of using credit.
  5. I want to turn to my “relatives” and say…(better keep that to myself).
  6. I want to go to bed every night, knowing that if I do not wake, my children and my wife are going to be just fine.
  7. I want to be able to give money to others.
  8. I want my children to grow up in a home where money IS NOT the primary topic of conversation.
  9. I want to retire early, so that I can enjoy my family and my friends.
  10. I believe that God intends for his people to be free, and debt creates a barrier to that freedom. The borrower is surely slave to the lender. I don’t want to be a slave anymore.

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