Truly Free Annual Credit Report

Okay, we have all heard about “free” annual credit reports, but this is for real. If you want free credit reports from all 3 of the major agencies (Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian), then you need to go here: This is a truly cool site. A short while ago, a law was passed entitling everyone to a free annual credit report. (Please note, when you use this site, you will be sent to each of the three credit agencies…they might try to sell you “advanced” services like credit scores and credit protection. If you do not want these things, simply check “no.”) Take your time at each site. Do not get fooled into something you do not want. I think that this is an awesome site, and I printed out a total of 6 credit reports, 1 from each agency for both myself and my wife. Took less than 1 hour.

Oh yeah, I DID NOT check my credit so that I could find out if I could borrow any money. I have been closing accounts as I pay them off, and I wanted to verify that my credit report was accurately reporting that I had closed my accounts.