Debt Story

Current Debt Situation

Here is a summary of my current debt situation…

  • Auto 1: 2,656.33
  • Auto 2: 3,255.23
  • Credit Card: 5,598.66

Total Debt: 11510.22 dollars

I am trying to pay off all my debts by 10-10-2005, just 7 months from now. I will need to dedicate roughly 1700 dollars a month towards debt payments. I am excited about the idea of having no debt by October, and almost certainly by December. We live in a house provided to us by my job, so no rent or mortgage. My goals, after saving up my emergency fund and funding retirement accounts, are to save enough money to replace our cars every 5-6 years, send our 2 children to college (ages 1 and 5, right now), retire well, and buy a nice home to grow old in.