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I did it! I did it! I reached my goal! (Run Lindsay, Run…!)

16 months ago, in April of 2005, I began this blog, No Credit Needed. I was in debt. I owed a total of 11510.22 dollars. In February of 2006, I became debt free. Along the way, I made several friends, many of whom have their own personal finance related blogs. Shortly after reaching my first goal, I decided to set a new, more aggressive goal. I wanted to save 20,000 dollars by 10-10-2006. Well, as of today, 10-10-2006, I have managed to save, in non-retirement accounts, a total of 20,104.76. Yay! I am super, duper excited. This means that in 16 months, I have managed to shift my financial situation 31614.98 dollars. I have learned SO much about myself, about my own weaknesses and strengths, and about other people. I want to thank each one of you who helped me out, who encouraged me, and who read my blog. You guys rock!

Now I gotta think of a NEW goal! Yikes!

Please go to the No Credit Needed Network to view my completed chart!

(If you have no idea what “Run Lindsay, Run means… go check out this page, scroll down to Georgia 26, Florida 21, and listen to the greatest announcer in college football history, Larry Munson.)