Debt Story

How I Came Up With The Dough…

Okay, okay. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to record a new podcast. There is something wrong with my headphones or my USB 2.0 hub or something. I can get through about 10 minutes of recording and then everything goes haywire. So, here’s a quick breakdown of how I went from 15K to 20K so fast…

3000 came from my paycheck. Yay
1000 came from eBay. (No bids on my kidney, but lots of bids for my smooth southern accent)
200 came from Ad Revenue from the sites.
200 came from my PayPal Account.
600 came from my checking account. I usually keep about 2K in my checking account, but all bills were paid, so I felt save moving the 600 out.
(I also had a 90 dollar refund from Amazon, and a 60 dollar refund from Target for some jeans that were… ummm.. a bit too tight…)

There you have it. No big secrets. We’ll be living on just my wife’s paycheck this month.

Whew. I will hold off on creating any new goals between now and December! Christmas is coming and daddy wants a new computer!