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New Site Design And Getting Ready For School To Start

My wife is an educator, so she’ll be headed back to the classroom in a few weeks.  We have been so busy this summer – and our financial records reflect a slight lack of discipline.  We haven’t overspent, but we haven’t saved us much as I would have liked, either.  But, frankly, with all that we’ve had going on, I’m amazed that we’ve done as well as we have.

Now that summer is drawing to a close, we’ll have a chance to resume our normal schedule.  I don’t know about you, but the recent spike in gasoline prices have made staying on budget more challenging than ever.  Our gasoline category keeps increasing, month after month.  And, using my grocery store price book, I’ve noticed that food prices have gone up, rather dramatically, over the last year.  Our entertainment category keeps shrinking and is almost down to the levels we had it at when we were aggressively paying off debt.

Changing the subject, those of you visiting the site will notice (yet another) site redesign.  I won’t go into the details of the changes, but I will say – I missed the RED!  Hopefully, you’ll dig the new look and feel.  I know I like it much more than the laid back green-and-brown.

I’m headed to the bank.  I’ve been so busy the past two weeks, I haven’t had a chance to deposit my paycheck.  It feels weird, even after years of living on a budget, to be free of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.  I can remember the days of rushing to the back, worried that a check would bounce, knowing that every dollar I was about to deposit had already been spent.  Man, I wouldn’t go back to those days for all the credit card reward points in the world.  🙂

12 thoughts on “New Site Design And Getting Ready For School To Start

  1. I like the new design; very sharp. This is one of the most professional-looking PF blogs around.

  2. I like the bold red colors better than the green and brown as well. Very sleek, clean, and easy to read. This one is the best yet. 🙂

  3. Do you use WordPress? I am looking to make my site self-hosted and I really like what you’ve done here.

  4. I love your blog re-design! It looks SHARP.

    May I ask if you could refer me to your designer?

    I’m starting a personal blog, and I’d love to have a similar design.


  5. @Adam Yes! I use wordpress.. I started on blogger, but soon wanted my own hosting and domain…

  6. It is a sharp looking bold site that stands out, but I don’t feel that the colors really target the audience that this site is geared towards. It feels more that it is aimed at gaming news or something along those lines. Also, I feel that reading the red type on a pink box is a bit more difficult. I still enjoy the content and keep up the good work.

  7. @Philip… The red on pink bothers me a bit, too… I’m working to change that before I use the “quote” feature… but, the other theme had SO many ‘back-end’ problems, it had to go…
    rock on,

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