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Debt Reduction Success With The Happy Rock

I recently conducted an email interview with one of my fellow personal finance writers, Frank from over at The Happy Rock.  Frank has written about his own debt reduction success, having paid off $70,000 in four years! Here’s my favorite snippet from his post- We watched our spending, trimmed our expenses, and put every extra penny towards debt. We learned…

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Inspiration To Get Out Of Debt

The following resources both inspired me to get out of consumer-debt and keep me motivated as I strive to pay off my mortgage.  Check out- Financial Calculators – A random search of the Internet lead me these debt calculators from over at Dinkytown.  Once I plugged in my own credit card debt and automobile debt, and ran the calculations for…

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Our Plan For Remaining Consumer-Debt Free

This week marks our fifth year of living debt free.  In a previous article, I shared how our decision to get out of debt has changed our lives.  Now, it’s time to share our plan for remaining (consumer) debt free – and paying off our mortgage. We continue to live on a budget. One of the benefits of being debt…

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