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100 Dollars A DAY!!!

Okay, here are the latest facts. I still owe a total of 8,589.30 in debt. This is for 2 autos and 1 credit card. In order to reach my goal of being debt free by 10-10-2005, I will need to pay almost exactly 100 dollars a DAY towards my debt. I really, really want to reach my goal, but that it is 3000 dollars a month. Hmmm…we only bring home about 4100. This means that I must intensify my efforts. Find things to sell. Get re-focused. I am really, really proud of myself. We have had 2 hospitalizations and 2 major car expenses that have totaled almost 2600 dollars, and we have not used any credit AT ALL to finance these things. So, can I do it? Can I manage 100 dollars a day. Well, I will certainly try. I will keep you posted.

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