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1000 Dollars Left

I sent a payment for a little over 700 dollars today, leaving me with exactly 1000 dollars more to pay until I am debt free. That’s over 91 percent of our debt paid since April. Here is the updated chart.

Account 04/16/05 Paid So Far 11/07/05
Auto 1 2656.33 2656.33 00.00
Auto 2 3255.23 3255.23 00.00
C Card 5598.66 4598.66 1000.00
Totals 11510.22 10510.22 1000.00

Wow. 240 days to pay-off 10510.22. That is 43 dollars per day. Not to bad. Initially, I was trying to pay 100 dollars a day, but that was unreasonable. I did manage to pay 75 dollars a day for a long stretch of time. But I’ll take where I am at! Just 1000 dollars more to go. One more paycheck. This debt should be gone by the end of December or the first of January. Wow.
Wow. Wow.

Thanks for all of the support, and I hope you stick around to celebrate with me when I can finally say that I am debt free.

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