That’s Awesome, Baby!

Here are some of my favorite free things:

Firefox Browser. I love, love, love firefox. Okay, I don’t really love it. But, it is way better than I.E. and it is free. Go download it now and check it out.

Avant Browser. Okay, this isn’t a stand-alone browser. It sits on “top” of I.E., but I still like it. Uses tabs and is updated regularly. When a site calls for I.E. only, I use Avant.

Podcasts. I really, really do love podcasts. My favorites:
The Bitterest Pill, Verge of the Fringe, RetroCrush, and, of course, This Week In Tech.
(Hey, some of these guys use “adult” language from time to time, so, be warned.)

Advice from the older members of our church. Seriously. Go hang out with a few older people from time to time, and just be quiet and LISTEN to them. They know tons and tons and tons of stuff. Not EVERYTHING that matters happened after 1995.

OpenOffice software. It does almost everything Microsoft Office does, and it is free.


I am a lame, lame old man. God, I love my kids. I never knew that I could LOVE anyone as much as I love my kids. Number one reason I want to get out of debt? I want to just HAND my kids a hunk of cash when they get out of school and say, “Go…go and dream your dreams.”

Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash from my gym. There are these little sample bottles of the stuff, and I pick one up every week or so. I leave it in my car, and I have great, fresh breath everywhere I go. This is the definitive Mouthwash for me. NCN APPROVED!

Verizon’s In-Calling. Okay, not technically “free” because I pay for the service, but my wife uses a TON of minutes, well over 1000 a month, and she can talk to our entire family for “free”.

Email. Really, what did we all do before EMAIL?

Church Carnivals, Pot-Lucks, Homecomings, Etc. We have a great church, filled with grace, and we have a blast just hanging out.

Haircuts. My wife’s best friend is a beautician and she cuts our hair FOR FREE! So cool. Now, I am no “mooch”, so I always bring her a huge stack of grocery coupons that I have cut from the Sunday papers. She buys stuff that we don’t use, so it is win, win all the way around.

Radio. Come-ON! How long would that trip be without radio. (Although, I do miss my XM!)

Your momma jokes. Seriously, I have wasted more hours of my life than I can count telling and listening to your momma jokes. My favorite? Your mom is so religious, her car has stained-glass windows. Second favorite? Your mom is so fat, she puts butter on her aspirin.

The library. I love the smell of the library, the feel of the library, the “sound” of the library. I have been reading since I was 3, and I always have at least 5 books lying around the house, partially read. I read everyday, and have for over 25 years.

Fat grandmothers. Their arms make great pillows. I miss mine. Everyday.

Salvation. Proving that something can be free without being cheap. He died that I might live. His life for mine. The best deal going…Period.