Random Thoughts

Sleepy Sleepy Go Night Night

Have your recovered from “Turkey-Fest 2005”? Wow, I ate a ton of turkey. I am pretty sure that I now have sharp talons and tail feathers.

Debt re-payment is on pause for a day or two, as we assess the damage from Friday Christmas Shopping. We did really well, purchasing just the items we wanted to get for the kids, and we did not spend too much money. We DID not use our credit cards, for the first time in our marriage. Wow, what a concept! We used OUR money to buy what we wanted. Seriously, every year at this time we would get all worked up, and rack up tons of credit card debt. This year? If we don’t have it to spend, we don’t spend it. Cool beans…

By the way, there were two “comments” left here at No Credit Needed that I just HAVE to say something about. I left one of them, but I had to delete the other, because it was just TOO stupid. 1st, someone asked about how I felt about debt CONsolidation companies. I hate them. They take away personal responsibility, they allow laziness, and they end up costing their clients money. Plus, in some circumstances, they can hurt your credit score. If you want to get out of debt, you can do everything that I consolidation company can do, and you can do it better, faster, and CHEAPER. 2nd, some dude left a link request to a home-equity-mortgage site. Ummm…NO! I HATE home equity loans. I think that it is FOOLISH borrow against your HOME. Putting your primary residence up as collateral to buy a car, refinish a floor, or to “pay-off” other debts is just dumb. WHY? It’s your HOUSE! It should be a refuge. The home-equity loan should be a loan of “last resort”, not the first option because of the supposed tax advantages. STOP looking for ways to move your debt around, and get to paying it off and saving money so that you can PAY for things!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you are looking forward to a blessed, stress-free Merry Christmas. (Sorry, around here we don’t say “Happy Holidays” … )