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Mini-Update on Debt Situation

Here is a quick look at our current debt balances, with the amounts paid per account in the month of April. My wife missed some days of work 2 weeks ago with our son, so we are going to have to decide if we want to be as agressive as we initially hoped. We planned for 1700 dollars per month, but so far, we have only spent about 750 dollars. We will decide this evening whether to go ahead with the other thousand, or just some of the other thousand, or none of the other thousand. Check back to see what we decide.

Debt March Balance April Balance Amount Paid
Auto 1 $2,656.33 $2,366.53 $289.80
Auto 2 $3,255.23 $2,834.31 $420.92
C Card $5,598.66 $5,583.66 $15.00

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