Debt Story

Upon Further Review

Wow, have I been doing some serious number crunching. Here is the plan that I have come up with to be debt free by 10/10/2005. Remember, our starting date for debt payment was 04/16/2005. There are 178 Days between those two dates. Our total debt on 4/16/2005 was 11510.22 dollars. So, if you take 11510.22 and divide by 178 Days…you get 64.67 dollars PER DAY needed to pay our debt off in the time alloted. So, today is day 17 (May 2) of our debt payments. If you take 17 multiplied by 64.67 you get…1099.39. This is the total amount we should have paid by May 2nd inorder to be on “track” with out plan. We have paid 725.72 leaving a shortfall of 373.67. We will send this amount in on May 2nd, putting us right back where we need to be. Confused? Yep, me too.