And BOOM Goes The Dynamite

Well, our debt re-payment took a serious hit last night… And I am not bummed a bit. Why? Because, we had to rush out little one to the hospital with an extremely high temperature, and we were so scared that something major was wrong with him. Come to find out, just a simple ear infection, with a strange “spike” in temp. He is going to be just find. Praise the Lord! So, while this was a set-back financially, it is a “set-back” that I will gladly deal with. So…Can we still be debt free? By 10-10-2005? Let’s hope! Am I going to be discouraged if this “set-back” causes me to be a month or so late. NO WAY! My little boy is going to be just fine, and that is something to rejoice over. Hope this post helped you (as much as it did me) to realize what (or rather who) is really, truly important.