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Getting Ready For Freedom

Okay, I have my debt-freedom plan in place, and everything looks to be on schedule for being debt free by 10/10/05 (Will have a percentage paid update for you all on Monday). So, now I must prepare for what I will do with my money when I don’t have debt to worry about. My wife has a retirement plan with her job (teacher’s retirement) and I have a 403b with mine (current balance of about 14k). I will have to open ESA’s for my two children. I will also have to look into various stocks and funds to invest in. Any suggestions for simple to understand books on investing for the near and for the distant future? Here is a list of what I am going to be learning about in the next 3 months.

IRA’s, Roth’s, ESA’s, 529 Plans, Mutual Funds, Bond Funds, CD’s, Interest Rates, Taxes, Various Types of Insurance, Etc. Etc. Etc.

It will be fun to focus my energy on how to save my money, rather than on how to pay-off my debts. I can’t wait.

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