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I would like to welcome those who have clicked over from CNN Money. Online, I go by NCN, and this is my website, No Credit Needed.

I have been blogging about debt and debt reduction for more than three years. No Credit Needed started out as a simple blog – designed to track my progress as I paid off my credit cards and automobile debt. Over the course of time, No Credit Needed became more than just my blog, it became part of my identity. After getting out of debt, I continued to write about life without credit. I hope you enjoy the site and I thank you for stopping by.

For more about me and my site, check out the links below –

Click here to read the story of my debt reduction – from start to finish.

Click here to view the online version of the No Credit Needed Debt Reduction Guide or here to view the eBook version of the No Credit Needed Debt Reduction Guide.

Click here for a list of all of the posts that I have written.

I also have a weight loss blog – No. Calories Needed and a personal development site – 99 Changes.

For more information about me and my sites, please read my about page.

Again, I want to thank you for visiting my site. I tend to publish one or two articles a day. I write about all kinds of personal finance topics, including debt, debt reduction, frugality, saving money, retirement, investing, family finance, kids, credit cards, and budgeting.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome Readers Of Money Magazine

  1. Very cool, NCN! Congrats on the media attention, and hopefully your story will inspire a few more people to get out and stay out of debt. 🙂

  2. A belated congratulations, NCN! I have always loved your story, partly because it is so inspirational, mostly because you are so open in sharing how you accomplished your goals and generous in supporting and encouraging others. The attention is well-deserved, and as Patrick said, I hope it will inspire even more people to follow in your footsteps!

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