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I Am An Idiot…YAY!

Okay, completely forget the last post. Somehow, I actually paid MORE towards my credit card debt last month than I originally figured. (I send in so many little payments, I forgot to add one to my spread-sheet.) So, I am actually a little closer to my goals than I originally thought. Here are the updated totals.

Account 04/16/05 Paid So Far 09/30/05
Auto 1 2656.33 2656.33 00.00
Auto 2 3255.23 3255.23 00.00
C Card 5598.66 1695.80 3902.86
Totals 11510.22 7607.36 3902.86

That’s over 66 percent of our debt gone since April 16. Yes!

Now, time to make our budget for this month. My wife received a raise of 2 percent this year, and that was reflected in her first paycheck. So, we need to adjust the budget numbers.

Side Note: If you have not read “Conspiracy of Fools”, I highly recommend it. It is the story of the rise and fall of Enron. Fascinating.

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