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The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

Well, here is my latest update, as of Closing of Banking Hours Friday:

Account April 16th Paid So Far July 29th
Auto 1 2656.33 $1,972.41 683.92
Auto 2 3255.23 $1,681.70 1573.53
C Card 5598.66 $95.00 5503.66
Totals $11,510.22 $3,749.11 $7,761.11

So, that is a total of 32.57 percent of my debt paid since April 16th when I began this blog.
As for my mini-goal of 100 dollars a day since July 19, I have been able to pay a total of 836 dollars. That figures (at 836/11) to be 76 dollars a day. So, I am a little behind schedule, but considering that we are also paying for my son’s recent hospitalization, I think we are doing pretty well. We have about 50 things up for eBay, and if they can avg. about 12 bucks a pop (some will be considerably more, some less) then we should have an “extra” 600 dollars to put down. (I am also trying to rebuild my emergency fund since the car repairs.)

2 Ways to look at the above:
1…Wow, I am doing pretty well, budgeting my money, and paying my debts off quickly.
2…Darn, I am not going nearly fast enough. Re-Focus, Daniel-San.

Quick note:
Anyone who has gone to college in the last 5 years or so, check through your old school books, and run a search for them on eBay. I got FIFTY bucks for a book I was ready to throw away. YAY!

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