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Celebrating 5 Years Of Being Debt Free

February 6 is a very special day around our house.  It’s not our anniversary.  It’s not one of the kids’ birthdays.

It’s the day, five years ago, when we paid off our final debt to become debt free!

Even now, half a decade later, I still find it hard to explain how important getting out of debt has been for us and our marriage.  Suffice to say, we are free from the stress associated with debt’s burden – and we are excited about our future.

When I started No Credit Needed my only real goal was to get out of debt.  Soon, however, site traffic began to grow and I was able to connect with thousands of awesome readers.  Even now (nearly six years after starting the site), I am always thrilled to hear from a new reader or read a new comment.  You guys inspire me – and you rock!

Way back in 2005, when the site started, there were (relatively speaking), just a few personal finance blogs.  Now, there are hundreds.  My fellow writers are awesome folks – willing to share their stories with the world, so that we can all be better educated and informed.  I want to thank every blogger who has linked to my site, commented on a post, or in some other way shared my content with their readers.  You guys are awesome – and you rock, too!

All week long, I’ll be singing the praises of living debt free.  I’ll share articles and inspiration from around the web.  I hope you’ll stick around, read this week’s articles, and stay for future posts.

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