My Favorite Tips From The Money Tips Network

Here are this week’s highlights from some of my favorite writers – my fellow members of The Money Tips Network.

Flexo from over at Consumerism Commentary just started writing full-time – and has opened an individual 401(k) with Vanguard.

Jim over at Bargaineering has a list of the best zero-percent credit card balance transfers.  You might want to check these out if you have a high-rate card that needs surfing.

My man Nickel from Five Cent Nickel has a great post about financial books for kids.  Between our two families, Nickel and I will be paying for college for the next five thousand years, so we definitely need out kids to be money-smart!

FMF from Free Money Finance has once again started up the annual March Madness-style tournament to decide the best personal finance article – in all the land!

Charissa from GenXFinance has 5 ways to save money in February.  My favorite – bring my lunch to work.

Donna from Get Rich Slowly suggests starting your own personal food bank as a way to deal with the rising price of food.  I regularly stock up on essentials, especially when I have coupons and find buy-one-get-one sales.

Fox from SquawkFox has 10 free – and legal – alternatives to cable television.  I use 6 of these.

SVB from the Digerati Life has 10 warning signs for those who might be spending too much money.  I think buying things you don’t need pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Karla from Money Talks News suggest 6 tips for saving time – and money – when going to the doctor.  With 3 kids, I need all of the time-saving tips I can get!

Trent from The Simple Dollar has some interesting (as always) thoughts on saving and investing.  In fact, Trent suggests that saving is investing.  I love this concept, especially as someone who lives without a credit card and must focus on having adequate cash in reserve.

Craig from Wise Bread tries to answer the age old question – do we spend more with our credit cards or with cash.  I enjoyed reading about Craig’s experiment.

MBH from Mighty Bargain Hunter is a radio star!  Click to listen to his recent interview with 91.3 FM in New York.  Awesome!

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