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An Ebaying We Shall Go

Well, with all of the extra expenses coming our way, we hit the closets and found some really nice things to auction off. We should easily make about 500 bucks from these things, and that should pay for most of the medical stuff. I “hope” that with the raise my wife will get in September, and an expected small bonus in October, we “might” just make our 10-10-2005 goal. Either way, we are pressing towards that mark.

Quick note:
I have been following several financial blogs, and I see the continued infatuation with zero percent balance transfers and other credit card stuff. PEOPLE, PLEASE. Use your heads. Moving debt around does not decrease your debt…it just moves it around. The basic truth is as follows… “YOU OWE PEOPLE MONEY FOR THE STUFF THAT YOU SEE IN YOUR HOUSE…YOU NEED TO PAY FOR THIS STUFF, NOW!” Stop moving your debts around, playing these balance transfer games, and pay the stinking things OFF. (Please note, I have no problem consolidating multiple cc onto 1 cc, or moving from higher interest cards to lower cards…but doing this over and over and over only damages your credit, and never ever gets to the heart of the problem.)

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