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Account April 16th Paid So…

Account April 16th Paid So Far May 12th
Auto 1 $2,656.33 $1,420.38 $1,235.95
Auto 2 $3,255.23 $394.15 $2,861.08
C Card $5,598.66 $25.00 $5,573.66
Totals $11,510.22 $1,839.53 $10,410.83

Here is a chart of my current debt payment progress. As you can see, I have reduced my total debt owed by 1,839.53 dollars in less than ONE MONTH. I am so excited. Please note, that the balances are “running totals” and go up or down each day according to interest charged. Now, if I could just lose weight this fast…

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