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Updating My Non-Retirement Savings Chart

One of my goals for 2008 is to rebuild my non-retirement savings. In 2007, we purchased a new-to-us minivan and in early 2008, we had a new baby (and purchased several baby-related items). These expenses worked together to dramatically reduce our non-retirement savings and I’ve been working diligently to rebuild them.

I just made a transfer from my primary checking account to my ING DIRECT Savings Account. My current balance now rests at $5,000. My goal for 2008 is $16,000. Bright readers who can quickly do math in their heads will have already calculated that $16,000 divided by 12 months is $1,333.33. So, after 5 months, I’m a little behind. O.K. I’m a lot behind. In fact, I’m $1,666.6 behind. But, alas, I have a plan!

In just a few weeks, I should receive my economic stimulus rebate check. The amount on the check will read $1,800. I’ll deposit the check and – abracadabra – I’ll be right back on track.

Click here to see my current savings chart over at the No Credit Needed Network – NCNSavings2008.

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  1. I too am working on rebuilding my non-retirement savings after paying off my car loan. I’m about $2k shy of my $20k goal but with my economic stimulus check and additional contributions, I should be there in about 3-4 months.

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