Getting Rid Of Unnecessary Monthly Expenses

I’ve just spent the last hour or so getting rid of several unnecessary monthly fees and expenses.

First, I called my satellite television provider and downgraded our HD package. I noticed a few weeks ago that they had begun to offer two HD packages – and all of the HD channels that we watch were included in the cheaper package. Savings – $10 a month.

Then, I called my long distance provider, MCI, and tried to cancel my long distance service. (I was inspired to do so my good friend Nickel, and a conversation that I had with him on his awesome new phone.) Of course, even though their greeting message clearly states that they are open from 9AM until 5PM on Saturdays, I could never get a representative on the phone because the system kept repeating that their office hours were closed.  First thing Monday morning, I’m going to go to my local phone company and switch to their no-monthly-service-charge long distance – and then call MCI and cancel. I plan to use my cell phone and Skype for long distance calls. Savings – $35 a month.

Finally, I logged into my Netflix account and put my account ‘on hold’. I like to watch movies and Netflix is a pretty awesome service, but, I’m going to be really busy over the next 3 months, and do not need to waste my time watching movies. When September rolls around, I’ll decide if I want to reactivate my account. Savings – $20 a month.

It feels good to rid myself of those expenses. $65 a month is no small amount. In fact, over the course of a year, that’s $780. My first car didn’t cost $780!

When I was getting out of debt, I did a really good job of eliminating expenses.  After getting out, I allowed myself (and still do allow) a few ‘extras’.  But, at this point, I’m really ready to buckle down and get a bit more radical.  I still spend more than I’d like for convenience and entertainment.  Making these changes allows me to feel a little better about the balance between my spending and my saving.

5 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of Unnecessary Monthly Expenses

  1. Do you think by canceling/downgrading some of your entertainment-related expenses, you are going to end up spending more on spur of the moment entertainment because you are bored? Since you don’t have Netflix, do you think you will end up going to a movie theatre more often in lieu of a movie rental?

  2. My husband and I canceled cable and then a year later moved the t.v. to the attic. You can watch t.v. online now! It saves on monthly expenses and we find that we are more productive. My kids do better without the t.v. too.

  3. Nice savings. I think the few little extras that we give ourselves are important though not always necessary. With that said there is no point in wasting money. We bundled a bunch of our subscriptions on one bill and saved 20% on something we were already paying for.

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