Bought A Few Things For The New Baby

Our little girl is due to be born in April and my wife and I have been buying a few new things for her.

Today, we purchased –

a new white changing table

a stroller / travel system

some Avent bottles

and some pink fabric storage bins (affiliate links).

It’s fun to be able to pay cash for baby stuff. I can remember how I felt when our other kids were born. While I was excited about being a new dad, I was super-worried about ‘how are we going to be able to afford this?’. Now, we have a budget in place and emergency savings in the bank and I can focus, really focus, on just being a dad and enjoying having a newborn in the house.

We are using the same baby bed that my daughter – 8 and my son -4 once slept in, but almost everything else in the baby’s new room will be different. First, the baby’s room, the nursery, is actually a converted living room. My dad came up a few days ago and helped me install a set of doors. Our house is a ranch-style home, and the living room is ‘attached’ to the den. For Christmas, we received an ambient noise-maker for the baby’s room. At night, we’ll turn it on when we put her down for bed, so that she won’t hear as much noise from the den. Our son has a fan that we turn on in his room – and we find that the steady-noise from the fan helps him to sleep.

We decided to purchase the changing table for two reasons – It is smaller than a twin-bed, which is what we used in my son’s room for when we changed him, and it is white, which is the color of the baby’s bed and wardrobe. We chose the stroller / cars seat travel system because, in the words of my wife, ‘it is safe, convenient… and pink!”. We chose the Avent bottles because we had great success with them with our son. Finally, we chose the pink storage bins because they matched the room decorations, they were small enough to fit into the shelves of the changing table, and, again, ‘they’re pink!’.

Babies rock!

9 thoughts on “Bought A Few Things For The New Baby

  1. I’m not a hufe fan of changing tables because there are plenty of other places to change, how often am I actually in the baby’s room and well, doesn’t the floor work just fine? BUT, if you’re paying cash and have budgeted, planned and will actually use it then sure its great and a handy shelf!

  2. I have a similiar changing table. It was very useful to have everything in one spot that was also easy to clean up. My son is now three and we still use it for storage! Hope you find it useful, too, and congrats on your new daughter.

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