Weekend Homework Before The New Baby Arrives

As many of you know, my wife is expecting our third child. We have been very busy, getting ready for our new arrival. I created a new budget, in preparation for the birth. We also did a little shopping, so that we could furnish the new nursery. The baby is due to be born in the next two weeks, but both of our other kids were born two weeks early, so, she could be born any day now!

Here’s what we are doing to get ready –


The minivan has a full tank of gas and I recently had its oil changed. My car also has a full tank of gas, just in case we need to drive it. The car-seat base has been installed, and the carrier is sitting in the nursery, ready to be clicked into place. Tomorrow, I’ll vacuum both automobiles, check all fluids, and put the carrier into the base.


I spent a few minutes today, sorting through all of our bills. I entered payments for all of them and I won’t have to worry about making any payments until mid-May. I can spend the next month taking care of my wife, my kids, and the new baby.


I transferred a decent amount from my savings account to my checking account. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the bank and withdraw enough cash to handle meals, groceries, and miscellaneous expenses for the next three weeks. I like to have extra cash on hand, just in case I need it. I have already written a check for the cost of the birth. The check is in my wallet. When we arrive at the hospital for the delivery, I’ll sign the check and hand it to admissions clerk.

Family and Friends

We live an hour away from the hospital. Both sets of grandparents live less than three hours away. We have a list of people to call, once we are sure that the baby is on the way. We also have a network of friends who have volunteered to watch our other kids, while we are at the hospital. My wife has created a list of medications that our kids are taking and foods that they like, and she has posted it in our kitchen. We also have a list of emergency numbers, posted near the telephone.


Tomorrow, we’ll pack our traveling bags. We’ll pack changes of clothing and various odds and ends. I’m charging the batteries for our camcorder and my wife’s digital camera. My wife has a little bag packed for the baby – with a few diapers, some formula, a couple of pacifiers, and other baby items. If I can remember, I’ll take my laptop with me.

I can’t wait for our little girl to arrive. My son is so excited about becoming a big brother. My daughter, who is the oldest, is ready to be Mommy’s little helper. Kids rock! I can’t believe she’s almost here. When we had our first two, I was filled with anxiety, worried about debt and being able to provide for them. Now, I’m debt free and I am doing a better job of managing our finances. I’ll be able to relax, take a few days off from work, and really, really enjoy being a ‘new Dad’.

Once the baby arrives, I’ll run a few guest posts – from some of my favorite personal finance bloggers. I know you will enjoy their work – and I’ll enjoy spending a few days with my family.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Homework Before The New Baby Arrives

  1. Congrats. We are also expecting a new baby, but this time I think it will be cheaper. Our first two costed us about $2000 each with clothes, medical bills and furnishing the nursery. But, this time when we started telling out friends – who are mostly done having kids – they started giving us their old baby stuff. Now we have a garage full of stuff and almost two of everything. The funny thing is, we didn’t have the money with our first two kids, but now we could have afforded to buy all everything. I guess the lesson in this is to make friends with couples that are about 7 years older then you before you have kids. It could save you a lot of money.

  2. Congratulations! I agree with SingleGuy — wasn’t it just yesterday that you announced that you were expecting? (I’m sure your wife doesn’t feel that way, though! LOL!) Many prayers for you for a safe delivery.

  3. Congrats on the coming new one. I have to say, I’m wondering why, with your concerns about finace and weight, you’re still choosing to formula feed. I hope everything goes well for you and family.

  4. @RR I’ve explained this several times. My wife takes a medication and the doctor’s suggest that we use formula.

  5. Super job on the organization, NCN … almost like you’ve done this a time or two before 😉 Here’s hoping for a very healthy little baby girl and as “easy” of a delivery for the wife as possible. Speaking as the oldest of three kids, I can assure you your older girl will be as helpful as possible for the first year to year and a half.

    And I am SOOO happy for you that this time you are not stressing about the bills and will have the opportunity to spend time getting to know your new daughter and help your wife out with the kidlets. If only every set of parents-to-be could say the same! You simply MUST blog about the difference once you get the time.

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