Mad Carpentry Skills (4 Walls Plus Siding!)

I am building a playhouse for my little girl and my little boy.

(Actually, it’s 12ft by 8ft, bigger than some apartments!) I have managed to frame up all four walls, frame-out two windows, and put siding on the entire outside. I have purchased a pre-hung door and two windows, and I will install these AFTER I put on a roof. (Building a playhouse, especially a 12 by 8 playhouse is EXPENSIVE. I’m sitting at over a grand, and I’m about halfway through with construction!)

A few notes on the pictures below. I will be cutting out the windows and adding the doors AFTER I put the roof on the playhouse. Also, the inside will be paneled, insulated, and air conditioned. I will also add lights and (possibly) a loft. I want this building to last, and as my kids grow older, it should “morph” into a place to watch some TV and just hang. I always wanted a place like this when I was a kid, and I hope that they really, really enjoy it. (My son has been “helping” me. He rocks!)




17 thoughts on “Mad Carpentry Skills (4 Walls Plus Siding!)

  1. Yikes! That playhouse rocks! (I cannot BELIEVE how much is involved in building such a “simple” little building!)

  2. Unfortunately my father refused to put in plumbing and electrical. There are some days I’d like to escape out there. Or at least send the husband out there. 😉

  3. WOW!!! Do you need a building permit for that thing? Better be careful your kids might try to flip it when the real estate market picks up. That is so cool!!

    If you could keep a detailed list of the supplies and costs that would be awesome as I’m sure there are many of us that would love to do this for our kids

  4. Looking great so far! The electrical power and air conditioning seems a little over the top to me for a “playhouse”, but I am a Yankee that lives close to the Arctic circle, after all (yeah, it snowed here on Easter).

    Would she not use it in the summer time otherwise?

  5. Beth…
    Here in GA, it gets up to 100 degrees, in the shade, with 95% humidity… So, a building like this, if it had no insulation or a/c could get to over 120 degress, easily… with the windows, I could probably keep it around 90?… my sister had a similar playhouse (smaller) when we were kids, and you could only get in it EARLY in the morning… and in July and August, it was unusable…

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