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Carnival of Debt Reduction #82

Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction, a collection of posts from various personal finance bloggers about debt reduction, debt management, and debt repayment.

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Carnival of Debt Reduction #82:

Picture of Wealth writes about couples and their finances. Nice quote:

I have found that communication and planning together truly can solve many problems before they start.

Verve Coaching writes about getting out of debt. Here’s a snippet:

When I start working with clients who want to get out of debt, I quickly confront them with the bad news. There will be no millions until you change your mindset and your debt management practices

Free Money Finance writes about Americans and their credit cards. A blurb:

Yikes! Seriously, who needs ten credit cards? And who has seven credit cards and is using more than 50% of the credit available to them?

3 Debt Consolidation writes about your credit score. Interesting note:

FICO is a software that calculates your credit score and your risk levels of default, created by Fair Isaacs Corporation

Show Me Money Biz writes about 5 Simple Debt Reduction Method. Final thought:

They are simple steps to implement. Just do it !

Grad Money Matters urges you to stop blaming your credit cards! Honest quote:

First of all, nobody forced you to apply for a credit card.

Frugalist with some inventive ways to destroy an old credit card!

If you have old credit cards lying about the house, you may be at risk for credit card fraud, and you could be missing out on just how cathartic it really is to destroy those little money fiends.

Wealth Building Lessons writes about improving your credit score. Quote:

It’s based on a subset of information in your credit report. Lenders will then use this number to determine your credit limits and interest rates.

Ask Mr. Credit card with tips for choosing a credit counseling agency. Sobering quote:

Choosing a credit counselling firm is not easy as there are many not so reputable firms around

Five Cent Nickel writes about getting credit card fees reversed. Interesting note:

I picked up the phone, called up Citi, explained that we’ve never been late on a payment before, and asked them if they could do anything about the fees.

Personal Finance Advice writes about debt reduction mistakes.

If you approach debt reduction with a well thought out plan that fits your situation, you’ll find yourself debt free with a bit of effort.

Becoming and Staying Debt Free writes about free Dave Ramsey Tickets!

Money Smart Life writes about using emergency fund to pay debt. Thoughtful question:

If you had $10,000 of credit card debt and $10,000 in an emergency fund would you use the emergency fund money to pay down your debt?

Wise Bread will be hosting next week’s Carnival.

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