Mad Carpentry Skills (One Wall)

After lunch, I headed to Lowe’s to buy some more building materials for my daughter’s playhouse. After laying the foundation yesterday, I was ready to start building the walls.  I am pretty much a dork at everything that I do, and I do believe that I am building the largest playhouse in the history of the world.  If you look at the pictures below, you will see the first wall.  It is a standard 8 foot wall.  I am still deciding how many windows I want to add, what size door to use, and whether or not to air condition the thing.  (Hmmm… as always, I bite off more than I can chew.)

I will probably add a “loft” that will be 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep.  My goal for the next few days is to have the building framed up, with siding and a roof.  I can worry about the “interior” once I get the building ready to withstand rain.  So far, I’m about $300 into this baby, with much more to spend.  Yikes!  (My daughter is 7.  She will love this playhouse.)


6 thoughts on “Mad Carpentry Skills (One Wall)

  1. Your daughter’s playhouse is only slightly smaller (4 sq feet) than our hunting cabin. I’m so envious – especially if she gets the lot – then she’ll have *way* more space 🙂

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