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Carnival Focus: Banking and Financial Accounts

I am hosting this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance #94 and have listed all of this week’s posts here. As you can see, I’ve categorized the posts by topic. Throughout this week, I will highlight each topic and focus on each post.

Banking and Financial Accounts (The following posts deal with sign-up bonuses, fraud prevention, and account information.)

Five Cent Nickel writes about “check washing”. (Five Cent always writes interesting, informative articles, and this article is no exception. Who knew, that in 2007, you still had to worry about ‘check washing’?!?) Opening paragraph quote:

Check washing refers to the chemical removal of ink from a check that you’ve written such that fraudsters can change the amount and make it payable to themselves. Apparently check washing results in losses totalling $815 million annually in the United States.

It’s Just Money writes about a $100 bonus for signing up with Washington Mutual and opening a Roth IRA. Funny quote from the post:

The other day, I walked inside to deposit some funds. Yes, I’m one of those guys who actually prefers to go inside rather than use the ATM. Just don’t trust those gosh darned newfangled gizmos!

The Finance Buff writes about online savings accounts and their relative size. Check out these very interesting comparisons. Quote from the post:

These banks, offering the same online savings account service, are on entirely different scales.

Krugergold Finance writes a post about portfolio diversification. This post was difficult to categorize because it covered so many “topics”. This post will get you to think about the diversification of your assets! Check it out:

It’s far better to allocate a portion of your portfolio to the most different of asset classes:


I hope that you like this “Carnival Focus” series. I enjoy hosting the various financial carnivals.

Again, I’d like to thank all of the bloggers who submitted posts to this week’s carnival. If you are new to my site, I publish the No Credit Needed Podcast, and track my weight loss at No. Calories Needed.

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