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Carnival of Personal Finance #94 Hosted By No Credit Needed

I’d like to welcome you to Edition #94 of the Carnival of Personal Finance. Below, you will find articles from various personal finance bloggers. I have simply linked to the articles, and categorized them by topic.

Edit: Apparently, a few folks don’t particularly like the way that I formatted this particular edition of the carnival. I have, in the past, been criticized for leaving posts out of carnivals. I tried to include every article that was submitted, and I only left out two. One was a duplicate submission and the other was off topic. As for the simple “link-style” carnival, I was really, really torn as to how I should handle this many posts. My plan was to post the carnival, linking to everyone, without naming “favorites” or “best of”. Later in the week, I planned on focusing on the various topics and selected posts.

Credit (Click here for the Carnival Focus: Credit Posts)
Poorer Than You
Endless Giberish
We’re In Debt
Credit Card Lowdown
B.A. Student
1 Mans Money
The Time and Money Group
My Financial Awareness
Ask Mr. Credit Card

Banking and Financial Accounts (Click here for the Carnival Focus: Banking and Financial Accounts)
Five Cent Nickel
It’s Just Money
The Finance Buff
Krugergold Finance

Real Estate
My Pocket Change
Searchlight Crusade
Free Money Finance
Daddy Financials
Make Your Nut
Phil For Humanity
Blueprint For Financial Prosperity
Salt Lake Real Estate Blog

My Wealth Builder
My Retirement Blog

The Sun’s Financial Diary
The Dividend Guy Blog
Fire Finance
Kirby On Finance
The Skilled Investor
Laws of Finance
Tom Hanna

College Savings
Debt Consolidation News
Escape Brooklyn

Kirk Walsh
Getting Green
Insurance On Your Terms
Roth and Company

Frugality and Money Management
Money Smart Life
Pro Bargain Hunter

My Mint
Money For The Rest Of Us
Clever Dude
Broke Now, Rich Later
My Two Dollars
Money, Matter, and More Musings
Frugal Zeitgeist

Motivation, Goals and Planning
Blunt Money
Personal Finance Advice
No Credit Needed
Information Age Education
Wealth Building Lessons
Plonkee Money
Canadian Financial Stuff
360 Degrees of Success
Debt Blitzkrieg
Grad Money Matters
Money and Such

Financial Hack
The Digerati Life

I’d like to thank all of the bloggers who submitted posts to this week’s carnival. If you are new to my site, I also run the No Credit Needed Network, publish the No Credit Needed Podcast, and track my weight loss at No. Calories Needed.

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The next edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance will be hosted by Accumulating Money.

To read this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction, head over to Money Walks.

To read this week’s Festival of Frugality, head over to Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge.

33 thoughts on “Carnival of Personal Finance #94 Hosted By No Credit Needed

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  2. I know it’s a lot of work to put up a carnival, but I REALLY miss the descriptions of the posts. Looking through the list there is nothing that’s hooking me in making me WANT to click a link. I could click for sometime before finding one I was interested in reading. 🙁

  3. Thanks for hosting NCN! I think it’s great you’re experimenting with different hosting styles. It’s a tough job and I’m glad you signed up for it. 🙂

  4. yup, definitely need at least a title or description otherwise what’s the point of clicking. Mostly just hovered my cursor over the links to find out what the posts were about but that only worked when the site links were formated based on the topic otherwise I was clueless.

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  6. I understand the system now. The thing is this. I am heavy into debt reduction now. I tend to skip over the articles that are about retirement, or investing, or things like that. That’s not b/c they aren’t filled with great info, but just not stuff my brain is ready to process right now.
    Thanks for hosting. I look forward to the updates later this week!
    God bless!
    p.s. sorry a little touchy. My 1 yr old neighbor is now in the ICU on a vent so I am very much on edge. 🙁

  7. Thanks NCN.

    My suggestion is that if you don’t like the format, sign up to host this behemoth, and then format it however you like.

    That being said, I can understand why some people are asking for the titles — while some bloggers include that info in their permalinks, others don’t.

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