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Your Very, Very Best Money Saving Tips: Updated!!!

One of the most popular posts ever here at No Credit Need was the “Your Very, Very Best Money Saving Tips” post. After moving from blogger to dedicated hosting, some of my links got messed up. So, I thought I’d copy all of the links, and put them here. If you have an awesome money saving tip, create a post on your blog, and leave me a comment here. I’ll link to it, folks will see it, and you will rule. Here are the current tips:

Here’s my Very, Very Best Money Saving Tip

1. Learn to enjoy, buy, and use generic and / or store branded items. If you use coupons and can get deals on brand name items, YAY! But, for those items without coupons, I have found that the quality of store branded items is the same as the quality of branded items, and they usually cost much, much less.

See, that’s a simple, easy to understand Money Saving Tip.

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Tips Added After June 12, 2007:
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42. From Moneymonk (in comments) (Save First…)Will your post be next? (Special thanks to MightyBargainHunter for pointing out the continued popularity of this post! You rock, MBH!)

If you linked to the original link, please think about linking to this post. I’ll post all updates here!

23 thoughts on “Your Very, Very Best Money Saving Tips: Updated!!!

  1. I’ve moved all of the comment tips from my old site to here:

    Terry Said:
    All of you have great ideas and I read every one of them.

    I don’t have a blog, but my money saving idea is to throw away all catalogs immediately. If I don’t see it I don’t buy it!

    Aimee “Roo” said:
    The way that we saved a lot of money was by switching our phone serivces. We went with Vonage on our home phone, savings of $30 a month. We also switched our cell phones to a pay as you go with TMobile. We now pay $100 a year per phone, which was a savings of $1200 a year for us. So, my best tip is to add up your yearly costs for things, and then figure out if there is a way to cut them back.

    Jersey Girl said:
    Freeze the old credit cards so they aren’t super handy!

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