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NCN Land Updates….

As always, there’s a ton of stuff happening here in No Credit Needed Land:

The latest episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast can be found here.

I have posted tons of new and updated charts over at the No Credit Needed Network page here.
(The NCN Network now has 36 members! Please, come over and join up today!)

So far, 16 different personal finance bloggers have posted their very, very best money saving tips here, at the link-a-thon post.
(If you have a super duper money saving tip, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the growing list. And thanks to all of you who have commented thus far!!!)

I will be moving to dedicated hosting (I hope) very soon. If you have not done so, please see this post about updating your links / bookmarks to the various No Credit Needed Sites.

Lastly, I still have a few ING Direct referrals left to give out. Please see this post about how to get $25.00 when you sign-up.

Whew, enough self-linking love. I’ve been away so much this summer, and I have missed being able to post daily. I will be getting back in the groove, and I want to thank you for hanging out with me.