Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund Invasion

Well, well, well. Things were going so very, very well. And then? And then? We had an emergency. A 1000 dollar emergency. We actually had 2 emergencies. One involved a medical need, the other involved an automobile repair. So, I had to dig into the 13K in our emergency fund. I am very, very thankful that we HAVE the emergency fund. Why? Because, if I did not have an emergency fund, I would have had to have used my credit card. Yuck! So, we used some of emergency fund savings, paid for the medical need and the automobile repair, and moved on. No interest to be paid. No bills to worry about. No middle-man.

(Why does it seem to hurt more to spend 1000 dollars that you already have, as opposed to using a credit card to charge 1000 dollars?)

Just a brief note:

I have made several updates to the No Credit Needed Network. We now have 36 members. Yes. Please click over and check out what we’ve been up to.

I should have a new podcast up by Tuesday afternoon. Please check the No Credit Needed Podcast for more info.