Your Very, Very Best Money Saving Tips

 The UPDATED list of tips can be found here:

Your Very, Very Best Money Saving Tips Update.


This post last updated Nov. 4, 2006. We now have 35 entries. We need 65 more.

UPDATE (08-14-2006): Because of the awesome response to this post, I have decided to turn this post into a CONTEST! I want to see if I can get ONE HUNDRED ideas. That’s right. ONE HUNDRED of your very, very best money tips. So, it you have a blog (or, even if you don’t), check out the very, very best money tips post, leave a link to your best idea for saving money, and you will automatically be entered into the No Credit Needed “choose your own personal finance book” contest. Yes sir. You read that right! As soon as the post reaches ONE HUNDRED ideas, I’ll put all of the contributors’ names in a hat, and I’ll pick a winner. That lucky winner will win a copy of his / her favorite / most desired personal finance book. (Maximum book value, 20 bucks, delivered from Amazon!) So, check out the post, rock the mic with your very, very best money tip, cross your fingers, and hope that you win when we hit ONE HUNDRED ideas. (Plus, you get a FREE link to your blog…)

Okay, my blog is moving to dedicated hosting (please, please read this post about updating your links to me) and I thought that it would be fund to create a link-a-thon for this week. What is a link-a-thon? Well, I’m not sure. I think that I just made it up, but I could be wrong, and there could really already be such a thing. Anyway, here’s the deal.

I’ll post my very, very best money saving tip here at the No Credit Needed site, and the YOU can post your very, very best money saving tip on your site, and then YOU come back, leave me a comment with a link to your post, and I’ll update my original post. I am hoping to create a massive post with the VERY, VERY best money saving tips from throughout the personal finance blog family. If you DO NOT have a blog, please leave a comment below with YOUR VERY, VERY best money saving tip. Thus, we will create a link-a-thon. I will keep this post up and running with updates for the entire week… and we can see just how big of a list we can create.

Benefits? You get a link back to your site, I generate a bit more traffic for old NCN, and our readers learn how to save money. Win, win, win. Yay!

Simple rules:
Create a post with your own VERY, VERY best money saving tip.
A money saving tip is something that can be done easily, rather quickly, and will result in the saving of money. Simple tips for everyday people.

Okay, here’s my Very, Very Best Money Saving Tip

1. Learn to enjoy, buy, and use Generic and / or store branded items. If you use coupons and can get deals on brand name items, YAY! But, for those items without coupons, I have found that the quality of store branded items is the same as the quality of branded items, and they usually cost much, much less.

See, that’s a simple, easy to understand Money Saving Tip.

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25. From Jane M. Says (Magazines…)
26. Frome Commentor Terry (Catalogs…)
27. From Commentor Aimee (Phone…)
28. From Jane M (Magazines…)
29. From Commentor Jersey Girl (Freeze…)
30. From Merle Sneed (Insurance…)
31. From Commentor (Language…)
32. From Double2Mil (Garage Sales…)
33. From Confessions Of A Hoarder (Awareness…)
34. From Easy Change (Half…)
35. From One Big Mortar Board (Volunteer…)

(Man, I hope someone will actually participate in the link-a-thon, or I’m going to feel like a complete dork…!)