Dish Network : Problems, Frustrations, Resolutions

A few days ago I called Dish Network to see if I could get a discount on my Satellite service. I thought everything had gone fine and dandy, but, alas, the attempt to get a discount hit a snag or two.

Original Package Costs: PVR120 channels plus Atlanta Locals = 53.99 + 5.99 = 59.98
Discount Package Costs: PVR120 channels plus Atlanta Locals = 43.99 + 5.99 = 49.98

(Both packages would also have taxes)

So, I was going to save 10 dollars a month for 10 months, for a total savings of 100 dollars. Yay! Right? Not quite…

First, Dish Network messed up my entire programming package by CANCELING my Atlanta locals, and replacing them with local channels that are closer to where I actually live. Yuck!
So, I called to get my Atlanta locals back, and guess what? I no longer “qualify” for Atlanta locals. My address requires that I have locals that are closer (because they are available). Now I am stuck with the cheesiest local channels EVER!

(By the way, Dish Network uses outsourced phone operators, and I had to change operators 3 times before I finally spoke to someone I could understand…)

So… Here’s where I stood, after the mix-up about the locals:

PVR120 with crappy locals = 43.99 + 5.99 = 49.98

But, that’s not all folks…

When I got my bill from Dish Network, there were literally dozens of charges, subtractions, charges, subtractions… I could have interpreted a Sanskrit poem with greater ease than it took me to figure out my satellite bill.

AND… You guessed it… Instead of a discount, my total due was actually 3 dollars HIGHER than it was THE MONTH BEFORE. Seriously. No discount, no Atlanta locals, a PBS channel that I did not order, Crappy locals, AND they over-charged me. Arrgghhh….

Back to the phones…

This time, I decided to go on the offensive. I told the FIRST “heavily accented” operator that I was going to cancel my service if I was not IMMEDIATELY transferred to a service manager. Thankfully, I was connected in less than 30 seconds to a higher level service associate who spoke perfect English. Yay!

I explained, very, very slowly, my entire history as a customer of Dish Network. The woman I was talking to was very professional. She listened to me, took notes, and responded rapidly. She was, however, unable to re-connect me with my beloved Atlanta locals. But, she was able to fix my bill, remove the PBS channel, and give me and ADDITIONAL 3 months of 10 dollar discounts. So, here is the final breakdown:

PVR120 + Crappy Locals = 43.99 + 4.99 = 49.98 for THIRTEEN MONTHS

Hassle Level (1 -10): This was a solid 7. I had to make 5 phones calls, stay on hold for a total of at least 30 minutes, and talk to 11 different people.

Was it worth it? Ummm.. Yes and No. I am super glad that I will be saving 130 dollars over the next 13 months, but I really miss my Atlanta locals. Perhaps I should have left good-enough alone.