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Hi gang! It’s been a few days since I last posted. Whew! The summer (at least the get out of school, hang out with the kids, go on vacation, get a suntan, rock the vacation, part) is GONE! My wife started back to school this past Thursday (she’s a teacher , educator!) and my daughter starts 1st grade this Thursday. Wow, we’ve been super, super, super busy, but now we are going to be getting back to our “regular” schedules.

My post about your very, very best money tips is now up to TWENTY FOUR awesome ideas. Well, I have decided that I want to see if I can get ONE HUNDRED ideas. That’s right. ONE HUNDRED of your very, very best money tips. So, it you have a blog (or, even if you don’t), check out the very, very best money tips post, leave a link to your best idea for saving money, and you will automatically be entered into the No Credit Needed “choose your own personal finance book” contest. Yes sir. You read that right! As soon as the post reaches ONE HUNDRED ideas, I’ll put all of the contributors’ names in a hat, and I’ll pick a winner. That lucky winner will win a copy of his / her favorite / most desired personal finance book. (Maximum book value, 20 bucks, delivered from Amazon!) So, check out the post, rock the mic with your very, very best money tip, cross your fingers, and hope that you win when we hit ONE HUNDRED ideas. (Plus, you get a FREE link to your blog…)

I should have a brand new podcast up very, very soon. (Tuesday or Wednesday, perhaps?)
Also, I have updated (and am in the process of updating) many of the charts over at the No Credit Needed Network site. Check it out.

JLP from over at All Financial Matters is running a Question of The Day Marathon. Here are the links. You rock, JLP!

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I want to thank you for continuing to visit my site(s). You guys rock. I’ll have more for you tomorrow. Peace out.


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