Emergency Fund


Well, our personal finances certainly took a hit this month. With the baby sick, and the wife away from work for a week, we will bring home about 600 dollars less than expected. SOO…The debt reduction plan will have to be adjusted. An interesting side note, however, is that I have found that simply THINKING about saving money seems to produce more money. The more we plan, the more we conserve, the more we budget, the more extra little bits of money seem to show up. We have received gifts, refunds that we had forgotten about, even a check for overpayment for a medical bill from LAST YEAR. We must be doing something right… Any of you ever experienced this…

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Saving Money

Satellite Radio(s)

I am a big-time satellite radio fan. We live in a rural community, and we do not receive any local talk-radio stations. I LOVE talk radio. My favorite shows are… Tony Kornheiser Show: SportsTalk 980 Washinton, DC and XM Channel 152 Dave Ramsey Show: At his website, on XM, and on Sirius Covino and Rich: Maxim Radio 145 on XM Mike and Mike in the Morning: Espn Radio on the net, AM stations, XM, and Sirius Car Talk: NPR Radio and on Sirius So, a few years ago I signed up for XM radio. I love it. Then, this past September, I purchased a Sirius receiver for my father-in-law but he was not interested. So, now I have both. They…

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Anti-Credit Articles

Myth Busters…Ripping Off a Popular TV Show

One of my favorite shows on the tube is Myth Busters on the Discovery channel. These two guys test out urban legends. You should check it out sometime. Now that I have plugged their show, I am going to completely steal their gimmick, and bust some myths here. Below are 4 personal finance myths that need busting. You should buy in bulk to save big bucks. Giant savings clubs like Sam’s and Costco appear to be great places for great deals, but be careful. If you buy more of an item than you can use in a timely manner, you may waste more money than you save. Remember, food and medicines can and often do go out of date long…

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