Reader Feedback Request #1: What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses

I began blogging about my finances April 5, 2005.  As the third anniversary of No Credit Needed approaches, I thought I’d do a series of Reader Feedback Requests.  I’ll use the answers and comments for ideas for future posts.

Reader Feedback Request #1:  What are your personal finance strengths and weaknesses? –

My strengths – I’m good at creating plans (systems) for managing my finances.  I’m organized.  I can think long-term, I get my family involved, and I do a good job saving for retirement.

My weaknesses – I spend more than I should on unnecessary items, I need to learn more about investing, I’m overly-optimistic when it comes to setting goals and I still eat out way more than I should.

I’d love to read your comments – and if you are a blogger and you write about this topic, click my contact tab and let me know.

3 thoughts on “Reader Feedback Request #1: What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses

  1. My strengths are boring, let’s talk about what I’m weak at. Just as a background, we’re on Step 2 of Dave Ramsey’s plan with about 2 years to go before we’re on Step 3, so we are focused exclusively on dumping debt. Now, my weaknesses:

    1) “vision casting” – it’s hard sometimes to keep my wife onboard and keep us focused on the longterm; listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio program and following your blog helps a lot
    2) sometimes I’m too tight – I’ve been called the “budget nazi” more than once
    3) we eat out too much
    4) we don’t do a meal plan so we buy “whatever” when we go grocery shopping; our freezer is full of old stuff we need to eat but never do
    5) sometimes I get frustrated (internally) – our debt snowball is starting to pick up a little steam, but I want it to go faster; the beginning of the month is always exciting because we get to pay bills (I’m a nerd!), but the rest of the month is “slow” while we wait for our next paychecks.
    6) I live in the Disneyland of America – as Dave Ramsey says, sometimes it’s hard to “Live like no one else so someday we can live like no one else.”

  2. I hear ya about learning investing! It seems that people who do write about it are intentionally complex some days 🙁 I’m trying to learn that as well for when I get to that baby step, and it still seems pretty complex and confusing.

  3. My strengths: I’m motivated, ambitious, and bold.
    My weaknesses: I”m disorganized and easily distracted.

    It’s a losing combination, lol.

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