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A 10 Step Outline Of Our Financial Plan

From a recent email – I love your site!  (Thank you…)  I’ve been working on a basic plan for managing my finances.  Could you write a post about your current plan?  Or maybe a post about some of the things you’ve done to get where you are?  Thanks! I love it when I get questions like these.  It makes me happy to see that folks are taking control of their own finances.  Bravo!  So, here are the basic steps I’ve taken (and plan to take), with links for further reading. 1.  I stopped using credit cards. Before I could fill in the hole, I had to stop digging it deeper.  Putting my credit card in my wallet, and just leaving…

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Reader Feedback Request #1: What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses

I began blogging about my finances April 5, 2005.  As the third anniversary of No Credit Needed approaches, I thought I’d do a series of Reader Feedback Requests.  I’ll use the answers and comments for ideas for future posts. Reader Feedback Request #1:  What are your personal finance strengths and weaknesses? – My strengths – I’m good at creating plans (systems) for managing my finances.  I’m organized.  I can think long-term, I get my family involved, and I do a good job saving for retirement. My weaknesses – I spend more than I should on unnecessary items, I need to learn more about investing, I’m overly-optimistic when it comes to setting goals and I still eat out way more than…

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