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Replaced The Headlight Bulb In The 2001 Honda Accord

I’m not much of a mechanic.  I can do an oil change and I can keep tabs on tire pressure, but that’s about it.  Last night, while driving home, I noticed that my front-right headlamp had gone out.  Thankfully, the high-beams and the front-left lamp still worked.  This morning, I went to the local auto parts store and purchased two replacement bulbs.  I decided to go ahead and replace both low-beam lamps, the left and the right.

Changing the bulbs took about five minutes, once I figured out that all I had to do was depress a little white clip, pull out a wire, rotate the old bulb, pull it out, replace it with the new bulb, rotate the new bulb into place, and reattach the wire.

I used AutoZone’s product finder to find the replacement bulb.  They were having a sale on their XtraVision brand head lamps – two for $20 – so that’s what I purchased.  They offered some ‘blue’ versions of the same bulbs, but I’m not sure that I want blue headlamps.

8 thoughts on “Replaced The Headlight Bulb In The 2001 Honda Accord

  1. That’s great!

    Once, my cousin replaced both of his headlights at the same time, too. They both went out at the same time as well. Eep. Hope that doesn’t happen to you!

  2. Good for you! Most auto related things are actually pretty simple if you just take your time and look at things logically. Oh, an bravo for replacing both bulbs even though only one had failed. They really should be replaced in pairs.

  3. Good work!

    Also, good call on not getting the blue. Blue actually destroys (temporarily) your night vision, so shining a blue light on an oncoming car is actually slightly dangerous.

  4. Tom, are the ‘blue’ lights actually those ‘blindingly’ bright lights – they almost have a ‘flash bulb’ effect?

  5. I’m replacing the lights on my truck this weekend with Sylvania Silverstar ULTRAs. I found them for $30 after MIR at Checker’s auto parts.

    I’ve read that while short wavelength (blue) light keeps you more alert, it’s also more fatiguing on your eyes.

  6. I’m trying to do the same thing. BUT–I can’t get the driver’s side bulb out. It’s buried behind a plastic tub or pipe (looks like an air duct)
    Does anyone know how to remove the driver’s side low beam headlight bulb so i can replace it?????

  7. Thanks for not choosing the blue bulbs – while the blue light may “go further” than yellow (or red, for that matter), it’s seriously painful to look at in oncoming traffic, especially out in the country.

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